Speaking club and features of the Canadian military education. Foreign representatives shared their experience with future officers

23.02.2021 10:19

The meeting of representatives of the Department of Philology, Translation and Strategic Communications and military men of the Canadian Joint Task Force in Ukraine  (Operation UNIFIER) took place at the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine.

During the meeting, the Head of the Department Iryna Lysychkina acquainted the OpUNIFIER military men with the activities of the Department and with the peculiarities of the foreign languages studying by cadets of the Faculty of Humanities. The participants discussed the involvement of representatives of the Canadian Armed Forces in the training process of future officers.

"We are interested in organizing various meetings with cadets, clubs with native speakers. We are sure that you will be able to inspire boys and girls to improve their knowledge of foreign language and thanks to your own experience you will motivate them to something new", – said Iryna Lysychkina.

After the official meeting at the methodical room of the Academy, Associate Professors of the Department of Philology, Translation and Strategic Communications Anastasiia Koval, Liudmyla Sinna and Marharyta Miahka held a professional discussion club.

Representatives of the Canadian Armed Forces, Captain Trevor Smith and Warrant Officer Lindsey Waterspoon were invited as the speakers to the discussion club, they acquainted the Guards with the peculiarities military education in Canada. Firstly, the military told about the training system of officers, soldiers, the course of a young soldier, the skill levels of officers in Canada and then the meeting was conducted in the form of a discussion. The cadets were interested in education, physical training standards, field training and combat shooting.

"The purpose of this meeting was to acquaint cadets with the structure, types of military education in Canada, to compare it with the Ukrainian, because there are significant differences between them, said Liudmyla Sinna. – Such clubs allow cadets to immerse in the atmosphere of the English language. During the lesson we speak only foreign language. And the meeting with native speakers is, first of all, motivation and self-analysis for cadets ".

One of the members of the discussion club was a Senior Soldier Yevhenii Protsenko. The cadet of the Faculty of Humanities is interested in the military experience of foreign representatives and participates in such event not for the first time.

"I am very pleased that I once again have had the opportunity to communicate with the native English speakers. I really liked the fact that everything conducted not just in the format of a lecture, but on the contrary - communication, said Yevhenii. – We learned about the organization of the training of Canadian officers. Indeed, there are many differences compared to our training system. In particular, I hope that in the future the Ukrainian Army will be able to adopt the experience connected with non-commissioned officers. I would like to take part in such classes more often because the more we learn from each other, the stronger we will become".

The next meeting in such format with the involvement of representatives of the Armed Forces of Canada is planned this week.

Department of International Relations, Information and Communications of the NGU